Camp John Mensinger Campsites

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Campsite Accomodations Description Photos
1-Lake View 22
Closest in proximity to our little onsite lake, this is a premium campsite with plenty of room to spread out, plenty of shade, and even a Scoutmaster-sized tent!
Lake View
2-Dry Meadow 18
As is inferred by its name, this campsite has fewer trees but PLENTY of extra room for tents and pop-ups (which come in handy on warm afternoons).
Situated right next to Lake View and right by the Medic / Scoutmaster Lounge building.
Dry Meadow
3-Pine Grove 18 Idyllic campsite located close to the Pool bath/shower house and the center of camp.  Offering shade and extra room for tents (as well as hammocks) this is a popular site! Pine Grove
4-Lava Rock 18
Lava Rock is built on a slight slope so not quite as friendly to extra tents.  The 9 platform tents are usually enough for a healthy-sized unit, though.
Pop-ups recommended for warm afternoons.
Lava Rock
5-Granite Ridge 24
Scouts and leaders love that this campsite is fairly secluded but not as far out as some of the other campsites.  Also our biggest site offering 12 platform tents.
Granite Ridge
6-Cedar Grove 20
Closest in to all the action this site is popular with units with members who have a more challenging time with our camp's terrain.
Just up from the Admin building and diagonally across from the Deathball (dodge ball) Court as well as the pool.
Our local wildlife sometimes take a stroll through this site on their way up from the parking lot. :-)
Cedar Grove
7-Upper Cedar 16
Units who don't quite fit in Cedar Grove will sometimes reserve this site, as well as they're right next to each other.
Located right across from the pool and just down from the horseshoe pits.
Upper Cedar
8-Sugar Pine 18
This beautiful site overlooks the pool.
Built on a bit of a hill, extra tents need to be placed strategically but it can be done!
Sugar Pine
9-Rock Point 18
Beautifully situated campsite just up from Scoutcraft.
Shares a handwashing station with two other campsites, Rainbow Ridge and Ponderosa Peak - some mega units have booked all three of these campsites and used the common area for unit gatherings.  Check to see if this option is available.
Another handy dandy bonus?  Good cell service!
Rock Point
10-Loggers Rest 18
Wanna get away?  This is the campsite for you.  Many don't even realize it exists!
Situated on the "backside" of camp, Loggers Rest is a secluded haven.
Scoutmasters - when your Scouts are busy with their merit badge classes you can be working UNINTERRUPTED on your power naps!
Loggers Rest
11-Rainbow Ridge 14
Located right at "the top of the hill" - good cell service!!  Also right across from its designated bath/showerhouse.
Plenty of extra room for extra tents and perhaps a hammock or two.
Rainbow Ridge
12-Ponderosa Peak 24
Set back off the road, this site shares a handwashing station with Rock Point and Rainbow Ridge - mega troops find it handy to book all three sites because of their shared space.
Ponderosa Peak
13-Valley View 2 20
The Valley View sites are usually specially requested from units who like to be off on their own.  These are the furthest campsites out.
Spacious and beautiful with their own big bath/showerhouse.
Valley View 2
14-Valley View 1 22
The furthest one out and it comes AFTER Valley View 2?  Some think it's because it's the closest site to the valley below.
Large units enjoy booking both of the Valley Views as they're right next to each other and "away" from the rest of camp.
Valley View 1