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(by age/grade & program) of June 1st, 2017...

Cub Scouts

Finished with

  • Kindergarten (Tiger - 7 yrs old)
  • 1st Grade (Wolf - 8 yrs old)
  • 2nd Grade (Bear - 9 yrs old)
  • 3rd Grade (Webelos)
  • 4th Grade (Webelos)
(held in various communities; fun activities and go home and sleep in your own bed)
(resident Camp for boys finished with Kindergarten but not finished with 5th gtrade - held at our beautiful Camp McConnell on the Merced River, near Livingston)
- Webelos have the option of staying an entire extra day and night!
(resident Camp for Webelos Scouts (those getting ready to enter 4th or 5th grade in the fall) - held at a rural mountain camp - 5 days, 4 nights)
Boy Scouts / Varsity Scouts 11 - 17 yrs old

Camp John Mensinger Resident Camp