It’s Summer Adventure Time!

Did you know that the Council offers a provisional Adventure Troop opportunity during each session of Boy Scout Camp and the Pendola Sierra Adventure Base?

Adventure Troop is perfect for:

1. Scouts who possibly could not go to camp with their troop because of date conflicts etc.

2. Scouts who would like to come to Camp Mensinger for more than one week.

3. Units with small numbers can be placed into the Adventure Troop to help insure two-deep leadership.  Small numbers should not keep you away from Summer Camp!

4. The cost for an Adventure Troop Scout is the same as that for one attending with a full troop, $320.  The cost for a scout to attend for a second or even a third week is only $150 per week!

Download Adventure Troop Application

New in 2014:  Adventure Crews at the Pendola Sierra Adventure Base!

We normally require a minimum of 5 scouts and one adult per trek crew.  Some troops have a hard time finding 5 boys and a leader who want this experience.  Therefore, in 2014 we will lead a series of Adventure Crews of provisional scouts.  This way, if your troop only has one or two boys who would like to participate in this type of prolonged backpacking experience, you can.

The Pendola Sierra Adventure Base Trek program is a true wilderness camping experience that features hiking, backpacking, land navigation, Wilderness first aid, and leave no trace principles.  As a result of this program, participants will be both better woodsmen and better people.  The program offers a variety of different trek options, routes, distances, and difficulty levels depending on the skill level and ability of each group.  That is what makes a program like this so desirable.  Each trek will be unique and tailored to your group, and it will help to ensure that all of your goals for your week at camp are met.

Cost:  $320 / scout           $150 / leader

Treks Still Available:

June 15th—21st      June 29th—July 5th      July 20th—July 24th

Contact Barbara Evers, Camping  Assistant: (209)566-7704