Congratulations to our newest Eagle Scouts for the months of December, 2013 and January, 2014.  The Greater Yosemite Council, BSA finished off 2013 with a total of 160 Eagle Scouts for the year!!!

Eagle Scout Unit District Date
Matthew A Cadrett Troop 194 Sierra Valley Dec 2, 2013
Devin Oliver Carpenter Troop 194 Sierra Valley Dec 2, 2013
Caelan Michael Parker Crew 439 Sierra Valley Dec 7, 2013
Cameron Thomas Parker Troop 439 Sierra Valley Dec 7, 2013
Rhet Steven Herrin Team 440 Sierra Valley Dec 8, 2013
Patrick Frank Van Pelt Troop 88 Rio del Oro Dec 9, 2013
Andrew K Baker Crew 33 Rio del Oro Dec 18, 2013
Jansen Parks Berryhill Crew 33 Rio del Oro Dec 18, 2013
Caleb Thomas McDade Team 6016 Rio del Oro Dec 18, 2013
Bryce Hunter Buell Troop 10 Gold Country Dec 81, 2013
Jason Wayne Elliott Troop 316 Gold Country Dec 18, 2013
Garrett Keller Hazelhofer Troop 298 Gold Country Dec 18, 2013
Christopher Ronald Michael
Troop 170
Gold Country
Dec 18, 2013
Jack Hunter Talley Troop 199 Gold Country Dec 18, 2013
Cody David Dunford Crew 502 Sierra Valley Dec 22, 2013
Derek Alexander Paris Troop 525 Sierra Valley Dec 22, 2013
Samuel Ammon Savage Crew 562 Sierra Valley Dec 26, 2013
Brady Michael Wells Troop 198 Gold Country Dec 30, 2013
Daniel Michael Hetzler Crew 40 Sierra Valley Jan 7, 2014
Dominic M Hummel Troop 399 Gold Country Jan 15, 2014
Sean Avery Jannay Troop 145 Gold Country Jan 15, 2014
Tyler Anthony Silva Troop 432 Sierra Valley Jan 15, 2014
Joseph Allen Hecodks Troop 343 Gold Country Jan 21, 2014
Aaron Ray Baumgartner Troop 58 Rio del Oro Jan 22, 2014
Brennen Michael Reyna Troop 88 Rio del Oro Jan 22, 2014
Douglas Carter Rowan Crew 93 Rio del Oro Jan 26, 2014

Eagle Scout Alumni

The Greater Yosemite Council has a band of Eagle Scout brothers that are dedicated to upholding the honor of the Eagle Scout Badge. If you are an Eagle Scout and would like to be a part of the Yosemite Eagle Scout Alumni we would be honored to have you join. There are no dues but we encourage duty to God, community and others.

Contact Dan Machado or phone 209.840.2246

Did you know...

Þ An Eagle Bunting suitcase can be loaned to units holding an Eagle Court of Honor. In the suitcase are swags and bunting to make the event special.  Also included in the suitcase are rank placards for the Ceremony and an Eagle Charge sheet.

Þ Contacts for additional Eagle congratulation letters are placed with the certificate that comes from National BSA.

Þ Information on how to get an Eagle picture displayed in the foyer of the Modesto Scout Center is also included.

Þ Contact Barbara Evers to make a reservation for the suitcase.  Greater Yosemite Council is proud to help celebrate our Eagle Scouts!

Greater Yosemite Council Eagle Scout Brunch

In recognition of Greater Yosemite Council Scouts who earned their Eagle Rank during 2013 and 2012, an Eagle Scout Recognition Brunch will be held on Saturday, April 12, 2014, at the Modesto Elks Lodge#1282/Charity Way Ballroom 645 Charity Way Modesto, CA 95356.  Participating Eagle Scouts will receive at no cost to them a great brunch, a certificate from the Marine Corps League as well as an Eagle Scout Gift.

The Eagle Brunch Committee is in the process of recruiting sponsors to cover the expense of this Recognition Program. The cost to sponsor an Eagle is $100.00. This year we are also asking for Bronze Palm Sponsorship of $300, Gold Palm Sponsorship of $500 and Silver Palm Sponsorship of $700. These gifts will be used to add extra value to this year’s celebration of Eagle Scouts and their families at the Eagle Scout & Alumni Recognition Brunch.

For more information contact the Modesto Scout Office at 209-545-6320 or email