Congratulations to our newest eagle scouts in the months of July and August.

As of August 31, the Greater Yosemite Council, BSA has 75 Eagle Scouts for 2014.


Eagle Scout Unit District Date
Alexander McNeil Troop 500 Sierra Valley June 29, 2014
Kenneth Kirkwood Price Troop 82 Rio del Oro July 1, 2014
Justin Allen Weaving Troop 515 Sierra Valley July 7, 2014
Taylor Aaron Neely Crew 502 Gold Country July 12, 2014
Sean Patrick Guinnane Troop 14 Sierra Valley July 12, 2014
Michael Phillip Roush Troop 198 Gold Country July 16, 2014
Lucas Ryan Cronic Troop 145 Gold Country July 16, 2014
Jacob Benson Crew 4077 Gold Country July 16, 2014
William Burke Thomson Troop 194 Sierra Valley July 21, 2014
Tristan Lane Robbins Crew 441 Sierra Valley July 22, 2014
Andrew Kelly Stone Troop 194 Sierra Valley August 4, 2014
Nicholas Austin Sanders Troop 121 Sierra Valley August 5, 2014
Jonathan David Moreira Troop 76 Sierra Valley August 5, 2014
Lucas Allen jackson Troop 146 Sierra Valley August 5, 2014
Elisha Akard Troop 49 Sierra Valley August 5, 2014
Nicholas Manuel Valdes Crew 439 Sierra Valley August 17, 2014
Trevor Michael Knudsen Crew 25 Rio del Oro August 17, 2014
Sean Joseph Griffith Troop 500 Sierra Valley August 19, 2014
Austin James Reichmuth Troop 238 Gold Country August 20, 2014
Jacob Hutchison Troop 414 Sierra Valley August 20, 2014
Christopher John Flores Troop 238 Gold Country August 20, 2014
Isaac Spencer Holt Troop 440 Sierra Valley August 30, 2014

Eagle Scout Alumni

The Greater Yosemite Council has a band of Eagle Scout brothers that are dedicated to upholding the honor of the Eagle Scout Badge. If you are an Eagle Scout and would like to be a part of the Yosemite Eagle Scout Alumni we would be honored to have you join. There are no dues but we encourage duty to God, community and others.

Contact Dan Machado or phone 209.840.2246

Did you know...

Þ An Eagle Bunting suitcase can be loaned to units holding an Eagle Court of Honor. In the suitcase are swags and bunting to make the event special.  Also included in the suitcase are rank placards for the Ceremony and an Eagle Charge sheet.

Þ Contacts for additional Eagle congratulation letters are placed with the certificate that comes from National BSA.

Þ Information on how to get an Eagle picture displayed in the foyer of the Modesto Scout Center is also included.

Þ Contact Barbara Evers to make a reservation for the suitcase.  Greater Yosemite Council is proud to help celebrate our Eagle Scouts!