Training - Fall, 2014

Jay Herbrand, Greater Yosemite Council Training Chair

So What’s New in Training?!

Youth Protection

Youth Protection is one of the most important parts of the BSA program.  The health and safety of our youth should be number one on your role as a leader in this program.  That is why the BSA has such an active Youth Protection program.  The new Youth Protection Champion Program gives many tools to all levels of the BSA program.  I encourage all to check out this program.  Check out this link:

There is a new emphasis on Youth Protection training in Greater Yosemite Council with this program.  The Executive Board passed a resolution requiring all adult registered members have current Youth Protection training by January 1, 2015 or that leader would be dropped from registration.  You may ask “I thought the BSA already requires Youth Protection training?”  It does, and it requires it to be renewed every two years.  We are finding that many of our leaders are not current with their training.  Many records also show some have never taken the training.

You will be seeing reports and letters informing you of this new resolution and emphasis on Youth Protection.  There are many tools to make sure you are trained.  The BSA has two databases that keep our training records.  Many of you already know about myscouting. has been the tool to do all online training.  If you have done any Youth Protection training online it is critical that you link your account with the council you are a member in.  If that is not done you will show as not having taken Youth Protection training.  To link you need to input your membership number that is on the middle bottom portion of your membership card.  If you don’t have that, talk to you unit leader to get your number.  You may also talk to your District Executive or call the council office at (209) 545-6320.

Another way is to check out the newest BSA database in is the link to the newest BSA database and portal.  You use the same username and password as in myscouting.  Here you can update your profile and also enter your membership number.  You also can print membership cards from this site.  It also shows your Youth Protection training status.  If you are a Key 3 or top Unit leader you can also see how all registered adults in your unit stand both onscreen and in printed reports.  These new tools are very useful and we will be having training in the future on how to use them.  Look out for these great trainings.  

Youth Protection and the health and safety of our youth are our main goal in the BSA and Greater Yosemite Council.  Make sure it is for you too.  Be current on Youth Protection!

Myscouting and

These are the two databases portals or entry points on the web to your training records and much more.  If you are a Top Unit leader, Committee Chair, or Charter Representative, you also have access to your unit’s records.  There is way to much to cover about these databases in this segment but I encourage all of you to check them out.  The links are:                  

Upcoming Training

All scouts deserve a Trained Leader.  Have you heard that phrase before?  It is just as important that all leaders be trained in the job they are doing in scouting.  The BSA has training that Greater Yosemite Council trainers put on throughout the year for you the unit leaders.  Make sure you are “Trained” in your position.

You can find out about upcoming training at this link:  The Council calendar at this link: also has dates of training and links on it to more detailed training information.  These are great resources that all leaders need to be checking out.  Make sure you and your fellow unit leaders are up to date on training.