Portable Rock Climbing Wall 

Available for use at Council and district programs is the Councils portable rock climbing wall. Climbing routes vary in difficulty so everyone can have fun no matter what their experience level is.



Climbing Merit Badge 

Those Troops interested in doing a Climbing Merit Badge session for 8-12 Scouts may contact us to set up a session. The Climbing Merit Badge requires at least 6 hours of time to complete requirements, about 3 of which are classroom safety learning and knots and about 3 (or more) hours on practical skills in the Rock climbing area.

Email to set up your Climbing Merit badge session for your Troop.


Climb On Safely -


BSA Climbing Instructor Certification

Any Unit planning to have a climbing outing, must have at least one certified Level 2 Climbing Instructor.

The Greater Yosemite Council is part of a Multi-Council Collaboration for Climbing Instructor Training. Individuals will be able to choose the appropriate climbing training session to match their climbing training needs.

  • Grade A – An indoor facility, any climbing site that uses engineered protection systems.

  • Grade B – Any climbing site that uses natural anchors (i.e. boulders or trees) or climbing bolts installed by a qualified individual. - Requires 30 hours of training.

  • Grade C – A climbing site that uses artificial protection. - Requires 60 hours of training.

Course Lengths:

Grade A Level 2 Climbing Instructor Training - Requires 20 hours of training. - 1 weekend - Friday Evening thru Sunday Afternoon

Grade B Level 2 Climbing Instructor Training Requires 30 hours of training. - 1 weekend - Friday Evening thru Sunday Afternoon + 3 evening meetings

Grade C Level 2 Climbing Instructor Training - Requires 40 hours of training. - 2 weekends - Friday Evening thru Sunday Afternoon +  3 evening meetings

Those individuals who are trained in a lower Grade that would like to become trained in the next higher level may attend a Transition training session of the following lengths. Content would include training in all those subtopics that have additional training time between the Grades.

Grade A to Grade B: 10+ hours of transition training needed

Grade B to Grade C: 10+ hours of transition training needed

For questions regarding the Climbing Instructor Training, please email who is the current Climbing Program Manager for the Collaboration.


Upcoming Courses: TBD


GYC Climbing Committee

Interested in GYC Climbing? Volunteers are always needed and welcome for all our Climbing programs. Those interested in helping with any of the above programs and/or becoming a Climbing Committee member should contact Michelle at (510) 577-9214 or to be added to the mailing list.