Budget/Goals development Seminar (South)

Budget/Goals development Seminar (South)
11760 W. Livingston Cressey Road
Livingston, CA 95334, US
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A key component to any successful unit sale is setting meaningful sales goals for both the boys and the unit.  What makes the goals meaningful?  The most important aspect is ensuring that they are directly “tied” to a pack or troop’s annual program budget.  Parents and Scouts must understand the personal benefit of achieving the goal as well as how it helps the unit.

Due to the importance of budget building and goal development, the Council Popcorn Team is hosting three Key Unit Leadership Budget Building Seminars this month at the dates, times and places listed below.  And, we feel so strongly about the importance of these meetings, that we are going to pay your unit 2% commission for attending.  So, you have a chance to earn up to 36% commission on this year’s sale!  That will be our highest commission structure ever. 

In order to receive the 2% commission, the workshop must be attended by a Cub Master, Scoutmaster, Venture Crew Advisor, Committee Chairperson, or Treasurer.  Other committee members may be considered eligible, but in all cases, it must be someone who gives leadership and participates in the development of your annual program budget.   If you plan to send someone other than one of the key positions listed above, please work that out in advance with your district executive.  

The workshops are open to any member of your unit, but at least one person has to be in one of the key leadership positions listed above in order to qualify for the 2% commission.  Please RSVP for your chosen workshop by Monday, May 12 so we will know how many materials to prepare.  You can RSVP by emailing Sara at the Scout office at sara.heitz@scouting.org.

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