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The Face of a Winner!

Kadein Dempsey's hard work during the 2012 Popcorn Sale pays off as his name is drawn for the flatscreen tv prize!

$550 is the magic number this year -- for every increment of $550 in sales, Scouts will be entered into a drawing for a 32" flatscreen tv!

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The Trail's End Scholarship Program Terms and Conditions have changed as of June 2011.

Please read below for specific information regarding the changes. 

New Forms - The following forms have been updated on Please update the forms you provide to Scouts. Trail's End will not accept outdated forms. 

Trail's End Scholarship Entry & Sales Reporting Form 

Trail's End Scholarship Payout Request Form 

Payment Requirements - To receive his scholarship payment, each participating Scout must submit the following documentation to Trail's End via email ( 
1. Completed Trail's End Scholarship Program payout request form 
2. High school transcript 
3. Letter of recommendation from a teacher, educator or Scout leader 
4. One-page written essay on the impact the Scouting program has had on his life 
5. Class schedule issued by the Registrar's Office at the educational institution 
Scholarship Payment Schedule - Payments are processed and forwarded directly to the participating Scout's educational institution two times per year. Scholarship payment requests received by Trail's End between December 16 and July 15 will be processed on July 16. Scholarship payment requests received by Trail's End between July 16 and December 15 will be processed on December 16. 

To view more information about the Trail's End Scholarship Program, click here. 

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