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High Adventure Training


Trainings offered throughout the year:

Basic Winter Awareness ~ usually held in January

This Indoor Training Session Covers:

Winter Transportation / Clothing / Layering / Head and Footwear /

Food / Energy / Dehydration / Health / Safety / Hypothermia /

Tents / Sleeping Arrangements / Vapor Barriers / Snow Caves /

Stoves / Snow Kitchens / Campfires / Permits/ Personal & Group Equipment/

 Snowshoes / Winter LNT

Advanced Winter Awareness ~ usually held in February

This Outdoor Training Session includes a one night snow camp and covers:

Winter Transportation T Clothing T Layering T Head and Footwear

Food T Energy T Dehydration T Health T Safety T Hypothermia

Tents T Sleeping Arrangements T Vapor Barriers T Snow Caves

Stoves T Snow Kitchens T Campfires T Permits T Personal & Group Equipment

 Snowshoes T Winter LNT

Basic Backpacking ~ usually held in May

Some highlights of this training include:

Trek Planning / Stoves & Fuel / What to do if . . .

Weather / Wilderness First Aid / Equipment / Where to Trek

Map & Compass / Back Country Travel & Ethics

Food-Planning, Packaging, Cooking, etc.

This Outdoor Training Session includes two nights of camping along with a beginner-level hike to and from the location of the second night's stay. 

Advanced Backpacking ~ usually held in June

Learn to apply everything you learned in the Basic indoor class!

Wilderness First Aid ~ held two times a year - usually in March and again in October

Ultralight Backpacking ~ stay tuned for upcoming classes!

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