Internet Recharter

Internet Re-chartering in Greater Yosemite Council

Most packs, troops, teams, crews and posts will expire on December 31.  Units are encouraged to try to complete their re-charter by December 1st.  This will leave the entire month of December free to enjoy the holidays.  Units should also note that the council is providing insurance for members at no additional cost.  The amount necessary to recharter your unit for the next 12 months will be $24.00 per registered member plus $12.00 per Boys' Life magazine subscription plus a $40.00 recharter fee for the unit.
This year the council will again encourage units to take advantage of the Internet Re-charter opportunity.  The experience gained by most units during the recharter time last year will be of great help this year.  If your unit did not utilize this program last year the council would encourage you to do so this year.  Once again, there will be on-line tutoring and help available at the link listed below.  The second link listed is the actual link for units to use when rechartering.
Take advantage of the re-charter documentation supplied by the council to help you in gathering all of the necessary information prior to logging on to the recharter site.  If you collect and verify the information first you will be able to sit down, log on, and complete the process in one session.  Just in case you are not able to complete the process in one session, the software will enable you to log out and then re-enter the process at the point at which you left off.
Important: Be sure to print out your completed Charter Renewal Application and submit it to the Council Service Center with required signatures (Executive Officer and Unit Leader) and fees.