Professional Staff

Name, Position & Assignments

Richard McCartney
Council Executive
Secretary, Council Executive Board 
Major Gifts Development 
Board, Friends of Scouting  
Staff Advisor: Commissioner Service 
Staff Advisor: Marketing Committee 
Staff Advisor: Risk Management 
Staff Advisor: LDS Relationships 
Staff Advisor: Endowment Committee 
Staff Advisor: Fundraising Committee

Direct 209-566-7701

Office 209-545-6320, ext. 101


Adan Barajas
Senior District Executive - Rio del Oro District
Staff Advisor: Activities Committee Advisor
Staff Advisor: Exploring Recognition Dinner
Staff Advisor: Exploring Committee
Staff Advisor: Council Recognition Dinner
Staff Advisor: Cub Family Camp  
Staff Advisor: Council Camporall
Staff Advisor: 2017 National Jamboree

Direct 209-566-7709

Office 209-545-6320, ext. 109

Stephen Olson
Senior District Executive - Sierra Valley District
Staff Advisor: Advancement Committee Adivsor
Staff Advisor: Eagle Brunch
Staff Advisor: Popcorn Sale 
Staff Advisor: NESA Committee
Staff Advisor: Order of the Arrow                               

Direct 209-566-7707

Office 209-545-6320, ext. 107

Luis Jiminez
Senior District Executive - Scoutreach District 
Soccer and Scouting Coordinator
Staff Advisor: HYLC
Staff Advisor: HYLC Summer Camp
Staff Advisor: Venturing Committee 
Staff Advisor: United Way Relationships 
Staff Advisor: Grant Writing 
Staff Advisor: Outreach Committee 
Staff Advisor: Camp Card Sales
Staff Advisor: Soccer & Scouting 
Staff Advisor: After School Scouting
Staff Advisor: International Committee 

Direct 209-566-7705

Office 209-545-6320, ext. 105


Robin Wilson 
District Executive - Gold Country District 
Staff Advisor: Cub Day Camp
Staff Advisor: Scouting for Food
Staff Advisor: NYLT
Staff Advisor: Training Committee
Staff Advisor: Wood Badge 2016
Staff Advisor: Scout University
Staff Advisor: Stockton DCD 
Staff Advisor: Lodi DCD

Direct 209-566-7720

Office 209-545-6320, ext. 120

Tim Long
Council Camping Director
Staff Advisor: Properties Committee
Staff Advisor: Camping Committee
Staff Advisor: Camp John Mensinger Program Committee

Direct 209-566-7708

Office 209-545-6320, ext. 108


Administrative Staff


Jenni Long
Bookkeeper / Office Manager
Spring Sales
Popcorn Sales
Camp Card Sales
Activity Budgets
Certificates of Insurance
National Tour & Activity Plans

Direct 209-566-7703

Office 209-545-6320, ext. 103
Dena Travao
Executive Assistant
Council Newsletter
Friends of Scouting (FOS) Questions 
Cub Camping Program


Direct 209-566-7702

Office 209-545-6320, ext. 102

Barbara Evers  
Program / Camping 
Training Records 
Activities Registration
Local Tour & Activity Plans

Direct 209-566-7704

Office 209-545-6320, ext. 104

Virginia Reyna
Unit Re-charters
Eagle Scout Applications
Advancement Records
BSA Registration
Boy's Life Subscriptions

Direct 209-566-7714

Office 209-545-6320, ext. 114

Alisa Buell
Stockton Store Clerk 
Training Records 
Merit Badge Counselors 
Local Tour & Activity Plans

Direct 209-566-7721

Office 209-545-6320, ext. 121