Pendola Sierra Adventure Base

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Trek Reservations MUST BE RECEIVED BY  March 31st, 2017

Choose from Four Basic Entrees and then Choose Your Sides!

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Carson-Iceberg Wilderness

Sword Lake / Spicer Meadows Reservoir / Dardanelles

Difficulty:  Beginner/Intermediate

Mileage:  20 miles +

Elevation Range:  6485—8190

Features:  Back-Country Swimming and Fishing* Opportunities

Get up-close and personal with the famous Dardanelle Geological features.

Trailheads:  Wheats Meadow and Arnot Creek

This beautiful, somewhat challenging trek takes you through the Dardanelle area north of hwy 108.  Waypoints include Sword Lake, known for swimming and fishing*; Spicer Meadows Reservoir, also a prime fishing* experience; and the Dardanelles rock formations.


PCT Pass 2 Pass

Carson-Iceberg Wilderness

30+ miles of the Pacific Crest Trail

From Sonora Pass to Ebbetts Pass

Difficulty:  Intermediate/Advanced

Mileage: 31.6 miles

Elevation Range:  8100—10500

Features:  Trek along one section of the world-famous Pacific Crest Trail with the possibility of meeting thru-hikers on their way from the Mexico border all the way to Canada!  Curve between sharp ice-hewn boulders surrounded by red volcanic peaks.  Stunning views both East and West and waypoints of small, sierra lakes and meadows.

Snow-melt will determine when this trek can be offered.  During normal years the trail will be snow-free after 4th of July week.


Crabtree Sampler

Emigrant Wilderness

Lake 2 Lake / Natural Rock Face Climbing

Difficulty:  Beginner/Intermediate

Mileage: 24 miles +

Elevation Range:  7160—8840

Features:  This is our most flexible trek option.  The first night is spent acclimating at the Crabtree Trailhead campground.  From there you have options—traverse due East and hop from high country lake to lake before looping around and heading back on all new territory.

OR Head out in a more Northeasterly direction with waypoints including Burst Rock where you can spend the morning or afternoon climbing and rappelling.

Work with Trek Guide to customize this adventure to the desires and abilities of your Crew.


Kennedy Excursion

Emigrant Wilderness

Relief Reservoir, Kennedy Lake, and Beyond

Difficulty:  Intermediate/Advanced

Mileage:  36.5 miles +

Elevation Range:  6320—9960

Features:  this challenging trek has its rewards with back-country swimming at Relief Reservoir and fun add-ons like a day of high-country horseback riding or rock climbing and rappelling.

Highly customizable, this trek can easily be turned into a 50-miler for those who desire.

Snow-melt will determine the extent of customization.  The highter elevation portions should be passable after the July 4th week.


~ Day of horseback-riding (additional fee for this option)

~ Half-day climbing/rappelling @ Burst Rock

~ Extend one of the Intermediate/Advanced Treks into a 50-miler

~ Spend your final full day back at Base Camp (CJM) participating in camp wide activities (for treks that can spare one day)

Call the Greater Yosemite Council Camping/Properties Director if you have questions:  (209)566-7708