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McConnell Merit Badges - Mar 2023

McConnell Merit Badges - Mar 2023
Registration Begins
Last Day To Register
3/6/2023 11:00 PM
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The last date for registration has passed.

McConnell Merit Badges

Check-in at 8:30

Approximate end time: 4:00pm

Classes are limited to 10 scouts per session.  Refer to general instructions below to be prepared for your workshops! Please note this calendar is subject to change. 

General Instructions:

  1. Each Scout must bring:
    • Blue card signed by their Unit Leader for each Merit Badge
    • Appropriate Merit Badge Pamphlet
    • Pen, paper, and all other material required for the specific Merit Badge.
  2. Scouts must bring appropriate proof of completion of all prerequisites and be prepared to discuss, report, and demonstrate on all prerequisites.
  3. 1 Merit Badge per Scout per day.
  4. Each Scout must complete all prerequisites before class. All written work including worksheets and drawings must be brought to class.  To be unprepared is not fair to those who have prepared and to the Counselors reviewing the subjects.  Remember, Merit Badges are EARNED, not given out!
  5. Lunch will be provided for Scouts taking Merit Badge, $5 for all others.

Plumbing, Sustainability, Camping


Camping Merit Badge Prerequisites:

This is an important merit badge & will be challenging. Most camping answers can be done with your experience &/or googling.

Come with a packed backpack or other bag for all you would need personally for a Troop overnight campout. This will be checked. Dress like you’re going on a troop overnight campout—Class B is fine. Bring worksheet, pencil & blue card signed by your Scoutmaster.

1abc: answer COMPLETELY, don’t just pick 1 or 2 or 3 answers for abc.

3: Use Camp McConnell as your destination from your home.

4: Make a duty roster for your Patrol of 8 Scouts. Include: cook, asst cook, cleanup, fire & water

4b: plan a menu for this overnight-lunch dinner, breakfast—all cooked. Please do all the 5 boxes.

5: fill out each section. Explain the 4 layers in layering & explain them.

5d: list & explain the 10 essentials.

6a: type of tents & explain!


7a: be specific—don’t just say clothes or pots & pans (list what you would need for the menu you made for 4b)

8c: backpacking or float trip menu! Include food list & how to prepare!

8d: note from your Scoutmaster saying you have done this.

9a: note from your Scoutmaster saying you have 20 nights of camping with Scouts.

9b: note from your Scoutmaster saying you have done 2 of these—list which 2?





$20.00 per Camping MB
$20.00 per Plumbing MB
$20.00 per Sustainability MB