Greetings Gold Country Scouters

I ask all of you one question, why do you do what you do?

· Is it for your own personal gain

· Is it for your own personal satisfaction

· Is it for your community

· Is it for your family

· Is it for your son/sons

· Is it for the boys or girls

Now, how can we do it better?

Our communities need the value of Scouting to ensure they will grow and thrive.  If you hear someone say “Scouting is too expensive;” then ask them what is the value they place on their child’s future and on their child’s character development.  We are not only here to put this generation out in the wilderness and teach them to enjoy nature.  We are here to foster self-esteem and build character within the youth that we are guiding.

This summer we will be preparing for a “Scout Show” in each community.  Ask your Scouts what they can display at these shows to show others in our community the good that Scouting does and to show the non-Scouting youth how much fun there is in Scouting.  Show the community the “Who, What, Where, When and Why of Scouting!”

Let’s be Scout Strong!

Eagle Scouts – Congratulations to the newest Eagle Scouts in Gold Country for the month of May.  Thank you to all who help with the Boards of Review.  We welcome 6 new Scouts to the Rank of Eagle.


May, 2014 Eagles:

Armando Montanez

Troop 238

Brandon Olsen

Troop 302

Clayton Taylor

Troop 598

David Rodriguez

Troop 302

Scott Marston

Troop 302

Tyler Nakaue

Troop 145