Rio del Oro District News June 2014

Camp Card Sales


The Camp Card sale fundraiser is coming to an end very quickly!  Please note the following sale deadlines.

May 30, 2014                SALE ENDS

June 6, 2014                 Money and unsold Cards due to Council

June 30, 2014               Top Seller Prize-winner announced.


Summer is in full swing.  With schools out for summer break, recruitment efforts may seem impossible but with a little imagination summer could be the perfect opportunity to give the youth in your community something constructive to do while introducing them to the fun of scouting.  Opening up your summer activities to the community could become a fun annual tradition for your Pack, Troop or Crew.  Cub Scouts could host a kite day, a water fun day at the park, it could even be as simple as a craft day (make it nature-oriented to make the tie to scouting even more prominent).  Boy Scouts could host a camp fire cookout teaching youth how to dutch oven cook, have a science day where youth can learn about geology, wildlife preservation or even earth sciences with fun games, experiments and even demonstrations of what your Troop has done on these subjects in the past.  Crews can plan an activity around their particular interest similar to those examples listed for the Troop.  The possibilities are endless.  So how do you get the word out?  Most newspapers in our area will allow the Boy Scouts to place a small advertisement in the local section of the paper, fliers can be printed and hung throughout the community and don’t forget the ever-growing social media avenue (if your city has its own Facebook page speak to them and ask if you can post an announcement or two).  Youth are always looking for fun new things to do regardless of their age.  Scouting has a little something for everyone and it could be exactly what the youth have been looking for.  Oh, and don’t forget to have plenty of applications and copies of your Pack, Troop or Crew’s calendar on hand so those excited youth can jump right into to the year-round fun!



Check out all the fun the Cub Scouts have been having at recent Rio del Oro Day Camps!

Atwater/Merced Day Camp:


Westside/Patterson Day Camp:


Los Banos Day Camp:


Webelos @ Mensinger Fun

This year is the year to experience a new dimension.  Webelos will be traveling to “A Galaxy Far, Far Away” and it’s not too late to sign your son(s) up for an unforgettable 5 days of fun.  These five days of camping at our council Camp John Mensinger will not only give your Webelos the opportunity to see the camp they will utilize as Boy Scouts, the themed program offered will give your boy(s) a head start on advancement while experiencing the fun of camping and meeting new and lifelong friends.  This year we will be covering 8 activity badges along with 10 belt loops and their respective pins.  During their free time, boys will be able to climb the 32 ft. climbing wall, utilize canoes on the pond, work on a craft at the handy craft hut, play board games available to check out or even practice their marksmanship at the range.  While the boys are having their fun, adults will have the opportunity to have some fun of their own.  There is adult only time at the pool, at the climbing tower, even at the range for some rifle shooting.  Webelos camp is the place to be this summer- May the force be with you!!