Monthly Activities at Camp McConnell

Second Saturday of each month!

Checkin at 8:30

Approximate end time: 4:00pm

Classes are limited to 10 scouts per session.  Refer to general instructions below to be prepared for your workshops! Please note this calendar is subject to change. 

General Instructions:

  1. Each Scout must bring:
    • Blue card signed by their Unit Leader for each Merit Badge
    • Appropriate Merit Badge Pamphlet
    • Pen, paper, and all other material required for the specific Merit Badge.
  2. Scouts must bring appropriate proof of completion of all prerequisites and be prepared to discuss, report, and demonstrate on all prerequisites.
  3. Each Scout must complete all prerequisites before class. All written work including worksheets and drawings must be brought to class.  To be unprepared is not fair to those who have prepared and to the Counselors reviewing the subjects.  Remember, Merit Badges are EARNED, not given out!
  4. Lunch will be provided for Scouts taking Merit Badge, $5 for all others.



  Merit Badge Day
May 2023 Home Repair - Register Here!
June 2023 Communication - Register Here!
July 2023 Search and Rescue; Crime Prevention; Fingerprinting - Register Here!
August 2023 Emergency Preparedness; Cooking; Fire Safety - Register Here!
September 2023 Environmental Science; Citizenship in the Community; Family Life - Register Here!
October 2023 Citizenship in the Nation; Pioneering; Astronomy - Register Here!
November 2023 Citizenship in the World; Cooking; Scholarship/American Heritage - Register Here!