It's Internet Recharter Time!

Most packs, troops, teams, crews and posts will expire on December 31.  Units should complete their recharter by December 1st.  This will leave the entire month of December free to enjoy the holidays.
The following are valuable tools to aid in this process:
Required Positions by Unit Type
Internet Rechartering Tutorial
(Not available until October 1st)
Frequently Asked Questions


Criminal Background Check Authorization Forms must be completed/signed by each adult volunteer.

Click link below for Background Authorization Form.

Units will not be renewed without the necessary forms submitted!!


New Fees:


  • $60 for youth members in Cubs, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts (up from $33)
  • $36 for youth members in Exploring (up from $33)
  • $36 for adult members (up from $33)
  • $60 Annual Unit Charter Fee (up from $40)
  • $12 per registration for Greater Yosemite Council Program, Activities and Insurance Assessment




Take advantage of the recharter documentation supplied by the council to help you in gathering all of the necessary information prior to logging on to the recharter site.  If you collect and verify the information first you will be able to sit down, log on, and complete the process in one session.  Just in case you are not able to complete the process in one session, the software will enable you to log out and then re-enter the process at the point at which you left off.
Remember that Youth Protection must be CURRENT for ALL registered adults or the Council will not process the unit's recharter.  Individuals should retake Youth Protection Training through their account.  Once the training is complete, certificates can be printed out and submitted with recharter paperwork.  Call the Council office if you have questions: (209)545-6320.
Important: Be sure to print out your completed Charter Renewal Application and submit it to the Council Service Center with required signatures (Executive Officer and Unit Leader) and fees.