Rio del Oro District

District Chairperson: Peter Fleutsch
District Commissioner: Richard Kleitman
District Executive: Adan Barajas

District Committee Meeting:

First Tuesday of each month, 7:00pm at one of the two locations below:

     Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov - Federated Church 45 S. El Circulo   Patterson

     Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec - VFW Haww 2609 Lawrence St   Ceres

Cub Scout and Boy Scout Roundtable: 

        Second Wednesday of each month in Livingston.  Check calendar for details or call Adan.

District Commissioner Meeting:

Fourth Tuesday of each month, 7:00pm at Camp McConnell


The Boy Scouts of America focuses heavily on leader training. That is why it has been successful for many years. Roundtables are usually held monthly.  Adult leaders can learn how to motivate, discipline, and train their Scouts as well as learning what role they play within the unit.  Roundtables give leaders an opportunity to interact and share ideas.  They will also learn about district and council trainings and programs that they will want to participate in.


The aim of the Boy Scout Roundtable is to provide the will and the skill to do.  If troop leaders have these two things, they can succeed, and they can continue succeeding.

  • The will to do – in the form of morale, inspiration, enthusiasm, and vision – is distributed regularly.
  • The skill to do – in the form of skills, program ideas, techniques, and information – is taught a piece at a time.
Roundtable is fun, practical, inspiring, full of skills, loaded with techniques, and brimming with program ideas.
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioners
          Merced: Judith Alvarado
          Turlock: Kathy Self


Our knowledgeable, enthusiastic Cub Roundtable Commissioners will be providing ideas for your den and pack meeting needs. Come and learn ceremonies, skits, songs, games etc. based on the upcoming month’s theme. Roundtable also provides a great opportunity to share ideas with other Cub leaders. 
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioners 
          Merced: Sean Pamer
          Turlock: Kathy Self

Upcoming District Meetings/Events:

Rio del Oro Documents/Flyers